175 years is a true milestone


1840 was an industrious year on an epic scale. Cunard Line made its maiden transatlantic voyage, opening up the world. New Zealand was founded as a British colony, as was the Province of Canada. Prince Albert wooed and married Queen Victoria.

175 Original SketchThe world became a little smaller with the invention of the first postage stamp, the Penny Black. David Livingstone left Scotland for Africa. Nelson was immortalised with work starting on his column in the brand new Trafalgar Square; Sir  Walter Scott was lauded in a monumental fashion in Edinburgh. Glasgow School of Art was founded.

And at the time that Charles Dickens published The Old Curiosity Shop in his weekly serial Master Humphrey’s Clock, a talented clock and watchmaker called James Laing opened his first shop in Glasgow. It was the beginning of the Laing  legacy. Ten years later, Laing turned his expertise and flair to the finer, more decorative application of creating jewellery.

A passion for crafting exquisite jewellery runs through our blood. For us, 175 years means six generations of creating incredibly beautiful pieces to own and to relish.

Today, we are one of the UK’s leading specialists in Swiss watches and diamonds, designing over 90% of our diamond rings and jewellery in-house. Very few family jewellers remain who design and sell their own jewellery. Passing from father to son, talent, pride, knowledge and skill have accrued while steadfast values have endured. The very essence of this is the inestimable value of the family business.

The 175 necklace is our finest ever piece of jewellery, embodying our legacy of passion and love, passed down through six generations.Sketch and Cast

There is only one necklace. It was inspired by the seven most loved ladies of Laing, Michael's wife, daughters and granddaughters.It was created by our five most experienced specialists; the culmination of all our talent. It combines  time-honoured traditions with modern techniques, hand-selected diamonds and an exquisite handmade design.

The 175 necklace is an original piece of art, the only one in the whole world.

The design had to be beautiful and dramatic, something very special to celebrate the Laing family and our legacy. And so the resulting piece is a true expression of Laing today and through the ages. It was a collaborative effort that gave our craftsmen the opportunity to distil all their skills and workmanship into one spectacular, unforgettable piece.


Elegant, graceful and captivating, this piece of art is true to its Scottish roots and will stand the test of time.

Michael Laing OBE

Inspiration in the making175 Full Sketch


At first we explored six different key ideas. Through painstaking process of involving many months of development, the final design slowly emerged, beautifully combining all the best-loved elements in one perfect design.

Moving from pencil to pen, to evocative painted 2D illustrations, to technically accurate 3D models, the design development continued. Throughout this meticulous process we ensured that all the individual elements worked together, working closely with Dominic Goodall our Master Jeweller on all the technical aspects to ensure it was made to the highest specifications. Finalising the design was very exciting for the whole team, to have created one piece we all loved and felt fully embodied all that we had set out to achieve.


“My favourite elements are the exquisite 2 and 3 carat diamond cross over sections at the centre. The drop has a Celtic feeling to it due to the overlapping knot appearance. I feel it really gives extra drama and depth to the necklace and emphasises how special and significant it is. The scale of the centre piece allows the unique beauty of every section of the necklet to be carried off.”

Sarah Alexander, Head of Design

A superior diamond necklace of brilliance and fire

175 With Box

We believe a necklace is the most dramatic way to showcase diamonds. The design allows greater size and visibility than any other piece, inviting the endless gaze of numerous admirers. When we set about creating our first ideas, we toyed with the idea of including many other stones, but diamonds are what Laing is all about. They are our specialism and our passion, and in our hearts we wanted to create a glorious diamond piece. Selecting each diamond after slow, careful inspection by hand, we only ever choose 3% of all the most brilliant diamonds. Diamonds with the most superior cut that disperses light with greater brilliance and fire. Their dazzling sparkle is utterly captivating.

This one necklace holds 447 stunning diamonds and one blue sapphire. Each is an exceptional stone, hand-selected for its unique and remarkable full of life quality.

In our never ending pursuit of perfection, even the back is perfectly finished with a stunning sapphire clasp, providing and elegant counter-balance for 360 degrees of captivation. Notice the detail in the clasp – simple innovation and a bit of fun. It is engraved with 1840,and when you open it, you see the year 2015 with the “0” as the pin buckle hole.

The 175 is a remarkable necklace made with love and a meticulous attention to detail. It is worthy of being cherished. Its one and only owner will be able to wear this piece with pride and smile with the knowledge it will be passed down through their family for generations to come.


 The 175 Necklace